Members of a church in Andhra Pradesh, India, watch someone get baptized.

Wesley Chatla, a church planter in India, praises God that 65 people were baptized during a worship service at his church that took place over several days, Dec. 27–31. His church is part of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India.

That service, Wesley says, was called a Watch Night Service and was “filled with fasting, praise, and thanksgiving for [God’s] grace and protection through the year.”

The opportunity to be baptized “was just a blessed time to all the men, women, and the younger people who came forward to live for the Lord as they witnessed of their faith publicly,” Wesley says.

Earlier that month, Wesley preached in 35 locations, sharing the gospel with many people who had never heard it before. He also distributed clothes to 45 pastors and their families.

Due to the pandemic, pastors serving in rural areas are in great need after losing their income. But these pastors are “serving faithfully with the limited resources they have,” Wesley says.

To help provide for families in his area, Wesley has set up a center where kids can work on their homework with a teacher, spend quality time with friends, hear Bible teaching, and receive milk and eggs. Around Christmastime, Wesley also gave the children Christmas gifts: boxes filled with items they would find useful and that would teach the children about Christ.

The kids come from various backgrounds, even Muslim. Wesley is planning to start five more centers to reach the unsaved, help students with their studies, and provide nutritious
food every day.

Wesley is also teaching and encouraging pastors. In January he led seminars in two locations, teaching pastors about “Building a Strong Christian Family.”

Wesley thanks people who pray for his ministry and donate to Regular Baptist International. “We always praise God for each one of you as you partner with us.”