“With a painful heart,” Prasad Sakile, a pastor with the New Life Regular Baptist Society of Andhra Pradesh, India, asks prayer for a minister in his church after an incident of persecution.

While sharing the gospel door-to-door, a youth coordinator at Prasad’s church, Ruben, was beaten by Hindu radicals. The group beat him with sticks and burned the tracts he had been carrying.

“By the grace of God,” Ruben was not seriously injured, Prasad says.

Prasad and his father visited Ruben in the hospital, where they prayed together. Doctors have recommended that he spend one month on bedrest. Prasad will be covering Ruben’s hospital expenses, as well as his home expenses for two months.

Prasad says Ruben is “a dedicated person with a vision to preach the gospel to the unreached.”

Ruben was born into a Hindu family but professed faith in Christ, was baptized, and desired to serve the Lord in ministry. He attended Bible college and earned a master of divinity degree. He is now overseeing three home gatherings of believers every Sunday, is involved in Sunday School ministry, and shares the gospel door-to-door.

Please pray for Ruben’s health, as well as comfort for his wife and two young children, Prasad says.

Please also pray, Prasad adds, “for major changes in Hindu government, leadership, greed, and the list goes on and on. Praise the Lord our Savior never changes, and we have victory because of our Lord.”