Joseph Akakpo of Togo trains students in Bible quizzing.

Joseph Akakpo ministers with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo. He sends the following ministry report.

Youth seminars continue in the Djidjole, Danyi and Le Sauveur churches, always with good turnout and commitments. The souls in Togo are hungry for the Word of God. In June, 25 youths professed Christ as Savior.

Training students in Bible quizzing also continues. We will select the 10 best churches for the final during our National Youth Conference in August 2022. The quizzing will take place Oct. 23–Nov. 27 in six zones in the country.

I also visited our church at Tsive. This church is struggling with space. They built their own place of worship and can no longer add another room due to do their financial limitations, at least for now. They need two more rooms for kids’ and youth Sunday School classes. They teach all three classes in the church auditorium. Well, that is Africa. We do not complain that much. We use what we have. Please pray that God will provide funds for the church to build two more Sunday School rooms.

On Aug. 21 Living Hope Ministry, a ministry of my son Joshua, hosted a kids’ seminar in one of our churches. I assisted as needed and acted as chauffeur. Over 200 kids attended; 80 kids professed Christ as Savior. The lead pastor of the mountain churches was impressed with the ministry and asked that such a ministry be done once a year for their kids.

Women attend a conference in Togo.

Beautiful Feet International, a Pregnancy Care Center, is the ministry of our daughter Esther. This ministry is the first of its kind in Togo and, so far, has 14 centers in the nation. In the last week of August, this ministry hosted a women’s conference in three cities. Over 1,000 women participated, with hundreds professing faith in Christ.

Please pray that we will finish the rest of the year well for the glory of God.

Joseph Akakpo
Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo
Lomé, Togo, West Africa

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