Pastor Jermi Babu, president of Hope Now Interior Ministries in India, reports on the ministry’s efforts to educate villages on the importance of taking COVID-19 health precautions.

Precautions are better than medication. That’s what we have decided. With Eleos Charitable Trust, we are going village to village trying to educate people, trying bring awareness about COVID-19 precautions: wearing masks and cleaning their hands with sanitizer and soap many times a day.

Part of today we reached the Pocharam village in Telangana state. In this village there are 60 families. Many of them are idol worshipers, so with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and help of Pastor Ramesh, who is running a church in this village, we gladly distributed sanitizer bottles, 250 masks, and soap for the 60 families. God has given freely, and we have given them freely.

Please kindly pray for this project in this needy time.

Jermi Babu
Hope Now Interior Ministries
Telangana State, South India