David Chhetri, executive secretary of the Fundamental Baptist Churches Fellowship of Manipur, India, preached in a village that he calls “a slum area” for two days. He drove 120 kilometers (nearly 75 miles) on his scooter to arrive in that village.

Driving a scooter in the rain is difficult, he says.

“As I was on my way to the Natjang village by my old scooter, on the way a heavy rain came, where all the roads got flooded,” he says. “I had a hard time of driving in the midst of rain, but the Lord protected me!”

David would like to replace his scooter with an enclosed vehicle. He says, “Many time I got wet on my way to the villages and fall due to mud—slippery—while going to slum area for preaching and seminars.”

Last week David and his friends rented a vehicle to drive to Motha Baptist Church on the India-Myanmar border. He and his friends encouraged the members of that church and shared the gospel with a Hindu couple. A prolonged lockdown, with churches closed, have left people more hungry and thirsty for God’s Word than before, David says.

David asks people to pray for the following ministry opportunities and personal needs:

  • A seminar in Motha Oct. 15–17
  • A seminar in Natjang village Nov. 3–6
  • Preaching and fasting prayer at Phaijol village the first week of December
  • His ongoing DMin dissertation
  • An enclosed vehicle for ministry transportation

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