In Tanzania, Pastor Naftali Ojwando held a worship service with three churches combined. Congregations in Nyamagaro and Nyabikondo met with the congregation in Ryagati. The members of these churches enjoyed connecting with one another and praying together.

Naftali leads Holy Baptist Independent Churches of Africa. His ministry is praying for the purchase of a laptop or a DVD player and projector. Such a device will enable Sunday School teachers to show videos from the Regular Baptist Press curriculum this association receives from Regular Baptist International.

Naftali also asks people to pray for the family of Pastor Yuda Ikumbo. Two weeks ago Naftali traveled to Tabora to visit Yuda, but when Naftali arrived, he learned that Yuda had died. Yuda’s wife and children need prayer, Naftali says.

Life “is very hard,” Naftali says, but believers in Tanzania continue to “do [the] work of God.”

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