Timothy Sui Lian Mang is president of Myanmar Partnership of Biblical Baptist Churches. He sends the following ministry update.

Uppu people live in seven different districts and are mainly Buddhists. Only about 700 to 900 are Christians. The population of this people group is about 160,000. Only less than 20 people can read in their language. Our purpose is to help them to read and write in their language.

I have been with them two times. Last month I visited them again. They were having teachers training how to write and read. In the training there were seven missionaries and two Bible women. They have a deep passion for their own people. I wanted to accept seven gentlemen as our missionaries, and after coming back home, our missions committee agreed to accept them as our missionaries. They attempt to reach the whole Uppu people as much as they can and plant Bible churches. They need financial support.

Pastor Timothy Sui Lian Mang
Myanmar Partnership of Biblical Baptist Churches
Yangon, Myanmar