Wesley Chatla is a church planter with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India, and administrator of the association’s school. He sends the following ministry update.

COVID-19: India is second in the world for the most COVID-19 cases, with 5.1 million confirmed cases and 86,271 deaths. We lost one of our church members, Mr. Bhaskar, a plumber who was blessed with a wonderful voice. I visited the family, prayed for them, and reassured them of the hope we have in the resurrected Christ.

Mission School: Many times I thought of closing the school, since we don’t have promised monthly funds to operate, which makes it difficult to continue. We are waiting to open the school when the government permits. For this academic year 2020–2021 we are in need of $16,215 out of $18,000. It’s going to be a challenge and a new experience to run the school with all the measures and precautions, especially as children come from rural families. Schools in urban areas have started online classes, but since many kids do not have access to the internet at home or have smartphones, we couldn’t. Please lift this younger generation in your prayers.

Support for Pastors and Families: I am so grateful to the individuals and the churches who sacrificially supported pastors and families who lost their jobs and daily labor during the pandemic. Help is still needed. We would appreciate it if you would consider supporting 40 pastors and 30 families. Providing groceries at a cost of $40 each would be a small help, and for this we need $2,800. Though churches have opened, we are seeing only 50–60 percent of the previous attendance. We are hoping that things will get better soon. Pastors are really in great need.

Rajesh and Mounica: Rajesh lost both of his parents when he was very young and was raised in my dad’s orphanage. In the midst of the pandemic, God has done some great things in his life. He is engaged to a girl who loves the Lord, and they will be married in November.

Wesley Chatla
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Nidumolu, Andhra Pradesh, India