João, Fabi, Ithiel, and Ethan Nascimento of Guyana send the following ministry report.

We held our first missionary conference Oct. 25–28. We wanted to involve the churches in the honorable task of supporting, promoting, and sustaining missions. We had three speakers: American missionaries in Georgetown, and the president of the Association of Regular Baptist Guiana. We made a three-day gift collection of $60,000 from Guyana ($1,200), a record for the two churches. The offer was donated to Pastor Ray Boltz, an American missionary who is starting a Baptist orphanage in Georgetown.

Next year Clonbrook Regular Baptist Church will take a field recognition to Suriname, in neighboring Guyana. If the Lord permits, I will be leading a group of men and “spying on the land beyond the Corentyne River.”

João, Fabi, Ithiel and Ethan Nascimento
Association of Baptist Churches in Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana