Joseph Akakpo ministers with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo. He sends the following ministry report.

I packed in our ministry van a musical group from Lome to Tsiko for encouragement to the youths. Fortunately, adults were present as well to be encouraged through the songs and the Word of God. I shared from Romans 8:18 entitled “Why Wait?” especially to the youths.

I was invited by our group of churches on the Danyi Mountain to be part of their fellowship. I will be preaching on “The Characteristics of Good Christian” from December 28 to 30.

Please pray:

  • Procuration of our US visa for our US and Canada 2018 trip from February 15 to October.
  • Our son, Joshua, as he is doing his master’s degree in Christian missions in USA. His heart is still with his fellow Africans after finishing. He really wants to come back.

Joseph Akakpo
Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo
Lome, Togo