Mandela Lutaumbe Lualika is president of an association of Baptist churches in Africa. He sends the following ministry update.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Unions of the Communities of Baptist Churches in Africa (UCEBA) baptized 71 people in its churches of Goma, Bukavu, Kalemie, Kongolo, Mugunga, Sake, Nyabiondo, Ngungu, Remeka, Biriko, Hombo, Katatwa, Walikale, Mubi, Bulambika, and Chiriba. Among the 71 baptized there was a Muslim couple, and that was a great joy for us.

We very much praise the support that God gives us to do His work. The work is difficult, but with God we move forward little by little. UCEBA in 2020 will organize Biblical conferences, evaluation campaign, and Biblical seminars for the deaf.

Mandela Lutaumbe Lualika
Union des Communautes des Eglises Baptiste en Afrique
Gisenyi, Rwanda