Pastor Mang Cin Pau gives a member of his church money to buy rice and cooking oil.

“It is a great joy to be back to church today once again,” say Mang Cin Pau, pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar.

He had been giving rice and cooking oil to members of his church, since many of them are unable to work under Myanmar’s martial law. But some of his church members live in restricted areas. Unable to enter those areas to distribute the food, he gave those members cash when they attended a recent worship service so they could buy rice and oil.

Everyone attending that worship service shared testimonies of God’s goodness.

“They all thanked God for His providence in COVID-19 crisis and our country’s political changes,” Mang says. “They are still firm in the faith.” They are “hungry for God’s Word” and want to share their faith with others.

“It is a great joy to see my church families are hungry to hear the Word of God. We’ll continue to worship in church, and please do pray for us.”