Timothy Mang serves with the Revival Baptist Churches of Myanmar. He sends the following ministry update.

The Lord burdened me to start a Bible translation into Falam Chin, and I started the New Testament translation in 2002. It was printed in 2009 with 15,000 copies. And back in 2010, I started the Old Testament translation. Bibles International sent their translation consultants to check my translated books. Tim Fink, director of Bibles International, and I flew from Yangon to Kale on Nov. 20 for the Falam Chin Bible dedication. The Bible Dedication Service was done on Nov. 21 at the Revival Baptist Hall at Kale at 10:00 a.m. We thank God that about over 1,000 people came for the dedication service. Thank God that someone purchased 2,000 copies of the Falam Chin Bible and we could give them out to the people who came as gifts.

After having finished the Falam Chin Bible Dedication service at Kale on Nov. 21, we went to Falam town, Chin State, for the Dedication Service held on Nov. 23, where over 700 people attended. I personally praise the Lord that a woman who is now 78 years old attended. She always asks me, “When will you finish your Bible? Can I read your Bible before I die?” She came and got the Bible. The third dedication service was held in Hakha city, Chin State, on Nov. 24. Over 200 people attended. The last dedication was held at Biblical School of Theology Assembly Hall on Dec. 1 with over 800 in attendance.

My wife and I have a great burden for Koongsoa people, who have no literacy/writing language. We hired a driver and an American linguist, and we left for the mission fields on Nov. 2, 2018. We met with the leaders of the Koongsoa Literature Committee and pastors from several areas who were excited for their own literacy, and they expressed the need of Roman orthography for their language.

After having three meetings at three different towns with three different groups, we are really convinced of the real need for literacy, literature, the Bible, and books in the Koongsoa language. The Koongsoa population is about 200,000. Many of these people are spirit worshipers, some of them are Buddhists, and few of them are Christians. They do not have their own orthography; that’s why no literacy, no literature, no songbook, no Bible. They need help. Linguists from Bibles International are eager to help them have writing language and Bible translation work. The field is white to harvest, but there are very few laborers. Evangelism outreach and church planting movement will be more effective with literature.

Needs for Bible College: Need of 2 projectors at $800 each. Also need 130 new desks at $3,900 and 130 chairs at $1,300.

Timothy Mang
Revival Baptist Churches of Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar