Victor Vula is director and principal of Victory International School in Myanmar and leads Victory Community Chapel. He sends the following ministry update.

We praise God for His guidance throughout this calendar year and that we could celebrate Christmas online with Victory International School. Because of the current difficult situation in Myanmar, most of the churches did not have any Christmas celebration, including our church, who often celebrates Christmas with big feasts and lots of singing.

Please continue to pray for Victory International School:

  • That we may start to build a school-like building at our new property this coming year
  • For upgrading the school and recruiting more teachers for the coming years
  • That we can find colleges and universities for our high school graduates to continue their college degree programs, since in Myanmar, private high school graduates like ours do not have privileges to be enrolled at the government universities

Please continue to pray also for Myanmar. Fighting is still going on in many parts of the country. Houses are burned, people are fleeing, some people are even burned alive to death, and peaceful protesters have been shot.

Praise God that Victory Community Chapel can still meet every Sunday to worship God. We are grateful to God that our ministry can continue to distribute food, send warm clothes, medicine, food, etc. to people in Chin state and around Yangon city.

We are honored to serve others with our missionary partners who bring supplies to people, and we have to do this work cautiously. Please continue to pray for our effort to reach more people with their basic needs and the gospel of Christ.

Victor Lal S. Vula
Yangon, Myanmar