Chris and Deb Hindal recently completed a six-country trip through East Africa to visit associations that are currently partnering or could potentially partner with Regular Baptist International, of which Chris is director.

Leaving Sept. 20 and returning Oct. 18, the Hindals visited seven partnering associations. The couple spent at least two days with each association, most often taking part in a one- or two-day conference with pastors and other church leaders. Chris also met with the leaders of five associations in the Democratic Republic of Congo; each leader expressed interest in joining the partnership.

Since the East African countries the Hindals visited are developing countries, they face many challenges for life and ministry. Traveling between countries requires the purchase of visas and driving on many miles of undeveloped or potholed roads. But God graciously provided strength and kept the Hindals healthy during their extended trip. Chris says, “We have great partners in East Africa who are committed to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. It was a great joy to teach and preach to such dedicated leaders.”

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few of the ministry challenges in East Africa:

Nairobi, Kenya—In the middle of the night, Faith Independent Baptist Church was bulldozed to the ground, an action that the government had ordered. The church needs $13,000 to pay off its land and an additional $5,000 to construct a temporary building.

Nairobi, Kenya—Pastor Ooga Thomas desperately needs a vehicle. He takes public transportation to his church, but his family can attend church only once a month because of the costs of public transportation.

Bungoma, Kenya—Good Soil Baptist Churches International needs to construct two buildings to house its middle school and high school. The goal to finish each building is $30,000. This association also needs to build an orphanage.

Bugiri, Uganda—A Christian school needs $200 a month in support to help care for and educate 74 orphans.

Rwanda—The immediate enforcement of new building codes resulted in the closure of 34 churches in the Rwandan partnering association in February. Each church needs to upgrade its building, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. Churches could consider assisting these churches through an adopt-a-church project.

Rwanda—Every pastor in Rwanda has been given five years to complete a bachelor’s degree in theology. An accredited seminary in Uganda is willing to offer the necessary curriculum for $300 per year. This financial need would be a doable adopt-a-pastor project for individual donors.

Shirati, Tanzania—A Christian school needs $5,000 to provide a ceiling, windows, and more desks, as well as an additional $5,000 to dig a well with a pump.

Malawi—Three churches have needs: A church plant needs $3,500 to install roof sheeting. Another church, with 195 members, needs about $3,000 to cement its floor and add windows. Bread of Life Baptist Church needs $30,000 for a building.

Zambia—A Bible school needs at least four computers to train pastors.

The needs in East Africa are great, but when many people do what they can, God adds His blessing and His work goes forward. The Hindals express their deepest appreciation for people’s prayers and support on this trip. If God lays it on your heart to assist with one of these projects, contact Chris at