Jermi Babu Gowdiperu is president of Hope Now Interior Ministries in Andhra Pradesh, India. He sends the following letter about ministering in a village where the majority of people worship idols.

A village called Pocharm is filled with many idols and idol worshiping. Seventy percent of the people of this village are idol worshipers; 20 percent of the people are communist people who believe, practice, and propagate atheism, saying there is no God; the rest are Muslim. There was no Christianity before we could enter into this village.

In the year 2012 we reached this village with the good news of Lord Jesus Christ. At first we had an evangelism program in this village; there was none who came to that night’s meeting after the door-to-door track distribution. But the Spirit of the Lord told us to not to be discouraged, but encouraged us to be strong in the Lord and to continue the ministry. So we have continued this ministry slowly, and the Lord began to bless this ministry. People started to come to know Christ as their Savior day by day. About 30 people have accepted Christ, were baptized, and are now worshiping the true God.

We began to pray for a piece of property for people to come and worship God in. Then the Lord blessed in the year 2015, and we had a small thatched hut, but later it was damaged by a cyclone. A man of God shared most of the expenses to have a church building in this village.

God has strengthened this work. Please pray for this continuing ministry in Pocharm.

Jermi Babu Gowdiperu
Hope Now Interior Ministries
Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, South India