Jesse Quapourlee ministers in Liberia with the African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc. He sends the following ministry update.

I just wanted to bring you to speed with the current development which has unfolded at our Bible college. The Lord has added a mobile Bible training ministry to our church’s ministries to help give Biblical training to many impoverished rural dwellers who have the burden desire to study the Word of God and to proclaim it within their respective communities but are unable to migrate to urban areas of Liberia to acquire formal Biblical training.

Absolutely there is a growing demand for church planting in Liberia, especially in the rural parts, because the country is open to the gospel and many people are sincerely seeking the true gospel after been misled by false teachers with their false teachings for so long now. Also, the influence of the Islamic religion is rapidly intruding too.

We have selected three training sites in Liberia: Lower Bong, upper rural Monsterrado, northwest Margibi, and south Bomi counties. Called men from these regions who will be able to successfully complete the required courses within two or more years will earn a certificate in Biblical studies, be licensed, and be fully enlisted on our church planters list. We have a goal to plant 100 Bible-believing Baptist churches within the next 10 years, should the Lord delays His return.

We got overwhelmed with numbers of enrollment at our first session, which was held at the Crossroad Baptist Church of Goikporlusue, Margibi County, Jan. 17–20. Twenty-five students, including three couples, from 10 villages were in attendance, and 30 or more additional new students are expected to be in attendance during the next session at the end of next month. Many assignments, including Bible books reading (John and Romans) and personal evangelism, were given to each of them, and each of them will be submitting assignments and giving reports at the beginning of the next session.

Jesse Quapourlee
African Fundamental Baptist Mission, Inc.
Monrovia, Liberia West Africa