Mang Cin Pau is pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar, and a professor. He previously wrote English-Myanmar Theological Dictionary and has now finished writing a theology book in the Myanmar language. He explains that project in the following letter.

Although the Christianity of Myanmar is older than 200 years since arrival of the Judsons into Burma, the Christians have not had a Myanmar theological book written in their language. It is greatly needed for the Christians. To fill up this gap, I wrote a theological book in the Myanmar language to edify the churches in Myanmar, but I lack funds for its printing cost. With $3,000 I can print about 1,000 copies, and I need your help in prayer for the birth of this book.

I evangelize in rural areas and also lead the new converts how to pray, how to read the Bible, how to grow in Christ, and how to be joyful in church worship services.

Mang Cin Pau
Ambassador Baptist Church
Evangelical Baptist Conference
Yangon, Myanmar