Dr. H. C. Stephen serves with the New Testament Baptist Churches Association of Manipur, India, and is chairman of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. He sends the following update regarding his ministry in India.

Our school year begins now. We are expecting to have 1,000 students this year. We need to build up our school playground before this summer. We also need to build a kitchen and dining hall for our residential students. Many desperate orphans are knocking on our door to come to our orphanages. We already have more than we can handle, yet we are compelled to take in more kids into our care.

At the campground, we are ready to build a new dining hall, a kitchen, a prayer hall, and a cabin. The Lord has provided the funds for these projects. The demonetization policy by the government limits us and allows us to draw a small amount of funds from the bank. We can draw only $400 per week.

Pray for our friends and partners who will be coming to visit and assist us in our works. Pastor John Scally and his associate are coming in March, and our ministry partner, Dr. Steve Overholt, and his new bride are coming in April to help us in starting master of ministry program in our Bible college. Then in May,  we will have our friend Timothy Fink and others from the Pastoral Enrichment Program ministry to train our church leaders.

H. C. Stephen
New Testament Baptist Churches Association
Churachandpur, Manipur, India