On April 3, Regular Baptist International began a donation project that would purchase food for people outside the US who can’t provide for themselves. Donations have now reached $6,000. The funds have been sent to partnering association in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, and Uganda, as well as India and Haiti.

One partnering association that received funds to purchase food was the Eastern Uganda Baptist Association, led by Pastor Joshua Masaba.

“The coronavirus scourge that struck our nation early last month has caused great general destruction to our nation,” Joshua says. “Measures have been put in place by our leaders with the intention of saving lives but [are] very dangerous to our lives—for example, home confinements, closure of markets, shops, hotels, travels, schools, churches, businesses buying and selling, and curfews. These and others have put human lives in horrible condition.”

For the past four Sundays, Joshua has preached to a group in his home about hardships in Bible history and in today’s society. The group is part of his church’s congregation, which he has divided into four small prayer groups that meet in homes. The groups “meet to pray, study the Word, sing, and give offerings,” Joshua says.

Regular Baptist International is still accepting donations for this project of compassion, which will provide food for people in Africa and India. “In those regions more will die from hunger than the virus,” Hindal says. “Help us get them funds to buy food.” Donate to the emergency relief fund at GARBCinternational.org.