As the second wave of COVID-19 continues to overwhelm India, Wesley Chatla, a church planter with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, has been delivering food to families who are quarantining at home.

He has also been on the phone for five to six hours day—encouraging, advising, praying, sharing the gospel, and helping people find beds in hospitals.

His two churches, as well, “are praying 24 hours a day,” he says, and are meeting online for an hour each evening to encourage and pray for one another.

“We have lost more than 160 pastors in our state during the second wave,” Wesley says. One of those is Pastor Prabhakar, a good friend of Wesley’s. He was “a man of love, compassion, and hunger for the Word.”

“Our hearts are heavy,” Wesley says.

Pray for families who have lost loved ones, for church members who have contracted COVID-19, and for frontline workers, Wesley says. Also pray for pastors, for their ministries, and for pastors’ financial needs, since churches have been closed for several weeks.

“God is good and faithful in His care and guidance,” Wesley says.