Pastors in India thank God for the provision of food and other necessities.

“COVID-19 has drastically transformed the world we live in,” says Wesley Chatla, a church planter with the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India.

“Some things, like food, hygiene, health awareness, etc., became better, while some things, like prices and social gatherings, worsened,” Wesley says. “In a developing country like India, which is highly vulnerable to pandemic due to its population, poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance, its effects are predominant and phenomenal.”

Many people, including pastors, have “had a tough time making ends meet,” Wesley says.

Burdened to support pastors, Wesley reached out to a few friends for help. “We were able to distribute groceries that would last almost a month,” Wesley says. The group distributed the groceries and a few other necessities to pastors in seven locations.

“They were grateful and glad to receive the packs and thanked the donors,” Wesley says. “My heart was overwhelmed with joy and humility as God answered my prayer, touched hearts, encouraged my friends, and used me as a bridge to convey the blessings from the donors to the recipients.

“All glory to God, Who orchestrates a beautiful harmony among His children, no matter where they are and no matter what’s happening. The beauty of God’s grace is experienced and expressed in many ways, and sharing and helping our fellow brethren is one among them.”