Nabin Singha is president of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Pailapool, Assam, India. He sends the following letter:

The fourth-year session of pastoral school was conducted at Pailapool under Alipur Baptist Church. Twenty-two pastors and missionaries and a few deacons participated this year. We had four sessions on four Saturdays, on May 27, June 3, June 24, and July 1. Attendance was 11, 11, eight, and 19 respectively on those Saturdays.

The book of Malachi was taught by me. Dr. S. Fame Singh shared about “Expectations of Church People from Their Pastor.” Pastor Bisweswar shared about “Blessings of Serving God as Pastor.” Pastors Letkhogin and Rajbabu shared about “Current Issues in Our Churches,” like baptism, attendance in church prayer meeting, and keeping Sunday School ministry alive and exciting.” Pastors Sashanka Saha and Ruben Surin shared their testimonies about how the pastoral school has been useful in their present ministries in church.

Dr. Nabin Singha
Fellowship of Baptist Churches
Assam, India