The invitation came through Baptist Mid-Missions missionary Mark Swedberg, who is the director of RBP Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil. RBP Brazil sponsored its first conference for pastors on the subject of preachers and preaching. Pastor Bryan Augsburger of First Baptist Church, Arlington Heights, Ill., spoke in the morning sessions on the importance and techniques of expository preaching. In the evening sessions, he modeled that approach by preaching through 1 Corinthians 1 and 2.

Chris Hindal participated in the conference as an introduction to the pastors of Brazil’s association of churches and led a workshop on effective pastoral leadership. Of special importance, Chris met with the Brazil’s association’s council, parallel to the GARBC Council of Eighteen. He presented the history and mission of the International Partnership and invited the Brazilian pastors to consider joining in the global effort of church planting. One pastor said, “It is time for Brazil to think globally.” Much like the GARBC, Brazil has a national association as well as state or regional associations. The council felt that it would be best that each state determine its involvement in the IPFBM.

The maturity of several decades of existence marks the Brazilian association of churches. They have their own Bible colleges, seminaries, mission agencies, and press. They are sending missionaries into Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa such as Mozambique and the Cape Verde Islands. Chris anticipates a growing relationship with the pastors, churches, and associations in the largest country of South America.