Joseph Akakpo ministers with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo. He sends the following ministry report.

Our God is still doing marvelous things in our lives and ministries on the field in Togo, West Africa.

In February I visited five churches: in Mono East, Agbavi, Aneho, Amou-Oblo, and Kpime-Todzi. Some of these churches lost their leaders through death or leadership disqualifications. There are a few available called men who want to go for pastoral training but lack support. Please pray for these churches and men.

These churches have physical needs as well. In fact, the needs are more enormous than the resources. But our God continues to put in the heart of His people the desire to meet these needs.

At the Tagbolo-Kope church, funds were provided for Pastor Palia to build new doors and windows for his house. In Kodze, wind blew the roof off the church in mid February, but a donor met this need too. Still some churches (in Anie, Blifou, Wome and Segbedzi-Kope, just to mention a few) need places to worship, and the Agbavi church needs a piano and a PA system, as their number is encouraging to have such tools for the ministry.

Two weeks ago was very special, as we started the Youth Seminar 2021 with the Amou-Oblo church. As the first one with strict social distances, we reduced the number of local churches at the seminars until further notice. This means a lot of traveling for my team and myself.

The youths turned out in numbers we were not expecting. We taught on “Influence of Friends,” with interactive teaching and three workshops. Pastor Sakpa, new on board, did an inspiring job helping me teach the lessons. At the end, 23 boys and girls professed Christ as their Savior, and 34 believers committed to honor Him in all their ways. Glory be to the Lord!

The youths prayed to have a positive influence in the lives of their friends and refuse negative influence from their friends. Please pray for these young boys and girls to honor the Lord in this present and challenging world.

I praise God for keeping my family, team members, and ministry partners safe in the pandemic. I also praise God for the many weddings that are going on among our faithful matured boys and girls. Almost every weekend now there are weddings in Lomé, the Kpalime area, and Kara. My heart rejoices seeing them getting married.

Joseph Akakpo
Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo
Lomé, Togo, West Africa