Victor Vula is director and principal of Victory International School in Myanmar and leads Victory Community Chapel, which started in July 2017. Civil unrest continues in Myanmar, where the military overtook the government Feb. 1. He sends the following update regarding the coup, as well as his school.

I believe you keep seeing and reading the news about Myanmar (Burma). Over 50 people have been killed and many wounded. Yangon is like a battle ground now. Gunshots are always heard, people are defenseless from police and military who are supposed to protect us, roads are blocked, many shops are closed. It is dangerous even to go out at the street in order to buy groceries.

Please pray for peace, for justice, and that normal life will be restored soon; that the elected civil leaders will be released immediately; that the military will hand over the government back to the elected civil leaders; for full democracy in Myanmar; and for God’s mighty hand to be seen throughout Myanmar.

Since this political crisis began, internet connection has been slow and shuts down every night from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. Somehow we can still continue our lessons at Victory International School. It looks we will not be able to have kindergarten graduation, our eighth grade promotion service, or summer English class.

Please continue to pray for Victory International School and its ministries in Myanmar:

  • Pray that we could start the new academic year either in June or July.
  • Pray for good and dedicated teachers; we will need at least 10–12 new teachers this year.
  • Pray for land and that we can build a one- or two-story building at our new land this year for classrooms.
  • Pray that we can pay teachers and staff during the summer and the rental cost at the end of this month. Our income has been affected by COVID-19 and by our inability to have summer English class, which usually help us pay rent.

Victor Lal S. Vula
Yangon, Myanmar