Victor Vula is director and principal of Victory International School in Myanmar and leads Victory Community Chapel. Civil unrest continues in Myanmar, after the military overtook the government Feb. 1. Victor sends the following update regarding the coup and his school.

Praise God, we can now conclude our school for this academic year; today was our last class. Looking forward to the new academic year, which probably starts in July. Our regular school year starts in June, but it’s hard to set the exact date when we can start the coming year because of the pandemic and, sadly, with the current political crisis.

Our city, Yangon, has now become a war zone. Many families have fled Yangon these days for safer places. Martial law was imposed in several townships. The death toll is rising every day, and over 200 are dead in total so far. Brutal ways of persecution, arrests, and murders are also happening in all states by the armed forces. Peaceful protesters and bystanders are shot and killed every day.

Banks and many financial sectors are closed. There is inflation and commodity prices increased; many go hungry. Sometimes it is not safe to go to open markets or grocery stores to buy food due to the frequent patrolling of armed forces where they arrest anyone they suspect; the scariest part is snatching people from their homes at night. Everyone is scared and helpless at this point.

Mobile internet and some Wi-Fi have been shut down; soon all other Wi-Fi connections will shut down.

It looks like Myanmar may face an even darker situation; we could face the biggest civil war in our history at any time.

Please pray that all countries around the world will come together to restore peace to the country, not just with words or statements, but with actions.

Pray for the coup to end, for political prisoners to be freed, and for the government to return to full democracy.

Please also pray for our staff members, as the school will not have any income during the summer starting next month to pay them to support their families. In the past, we usually have summer school, but this year we will not be able to have any programs.

Victor Lal S. Vula
Yangon, Myanmar