A ministry that partners with Regular Baptist International sends a plea for prayer after a tragedy. The name of the ministry is being withheld due to persecution.

The ministry has suffered a sad loss, and it is with a heavy heart that we write. On April 2, one of our students committed suicide in his dorm room, to our great grief and shock. This young person first came as a cook several years ago, started attending classes, graduated this year, transitioned to working in the administrative office, and helped in our church ministry.

He would occasionally mention that he had a girlfriend, became engaged, and then marriage was on the horizon. We were happy to hear this news, but little did we know that the relationship with his girlfriend was actually struggling and sometimes on and off. His action was completely unexpected, and as we rushed for a doctor and then to the police, we were numb with shock. The inspector asked us whether we had a license to run the school and then threatened to shut our school down. Due to COVID, the young man’s parents and a sister could not attend the funeral. His tribal student association coordinated with us to have a funeral for him.

The police case is yet to be closed because the courts are currently shut down due to COVID. Please pray that the process will soon come to an end and the case be completely closed. It is a constant source of anxiety as long as it is open. We have encountered hostility and threats from the police throughout all this, and we are concerned they will use this tragic circumstance as an excuse to harass the ministry. Only God can intervene and change their hearts toward our ministry.

  • If you are in crisis, visit Crisis Centres, a resource of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, to find crisis centers worldwide.