china-perse-inlineChristian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in Saipan. He writes of the need for prayer regarding religious laws in China:

The drafted religious laws in China have been out for the public to review. Many Christians are altered due to the tensions and seriousness of the wordings in the suggested laws. The experts predict that the religious persecution may come soon.

Many ministries in China face some troubles already. According to the internal documents, the government’s strategy is to work with those house churches that they can work with and make them to register so that the government can control them. They threaten those who do not want to cooperate by using tear down, cracking down, and arresting the leaders and coworkers. Then they force those who are not willing to register and destroy them so that all house churches will be under the control of the government.

Even though this is going to be the situation that our people face, they are preparing themselves to face the religious winter time. We covet your prayers.

Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions
Monroe, Va.