Alipur Baptist Church constructs a church and walkway.

Nabin C. Singha is chairman of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Assam, India. He sends the following ministry report.

From May to August, 11 people professed Christ as Savior through our churches’ ministries.

A bag of gospel literature arrived on June 28. We have yet to distribute it due to COVID-19 restrictions on church gatherings. Distribution will be done as soon as church reopens for gathering and worship services.

As of Aug. 22, I have recorded and uploaded my 76th sermon online. These weekly sermon videos are being used by churches and pastors in Bangladesh and India. Pray that God will touch many lives through these sermon videos for salvation and spiritual encouragement.

Construction of Alipur Baptist Church is still going on. Construction started Jan. 8, 2020. The worship hall is almost completed. The worship hall will be used for weekly church worship services when COVID-19 regulations permit. However, due to a shortage of water, work was halted for some time.

Work is also being carried out to add a retaining walk and steps to Alipur Baptist Church from the road. The work began Jan. 31 with the help of a grant from the Assam government.

Pray for unreached people groups in India, that God might give our church team wisdom to reach out effectively to these people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray, too, for the salvation of people in neighboring countries. Pray that God might use our church team to reach out to these countries in His way and time.

Nabin C. Singha
Fellowship of Baptist Churches
Pailapool, Assam, India