Dr. Christian Wei is the founder and president of Christian Way Missions. He sends the following ministry update.

Today marked our quarantine for 150 days. During these days, by God’s grace, we have finished the kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school graduation, as well as our university graduation. The Lord also helped us develop the distance learning program that trained (or a better word, forced) us to learn how to do things online. We have now developed the Live Broadcast Program that reaches inside of China and ministers to many Chinese Christians in different cities and provinces in China.

The Lord also moved us to start working on developing curriculum to send to pastors and preachers and even for the Christian education movement inside of China. It is fascinating to see how the Lord is working among us. Even though the pandemic is terrible, God meant good.

Recently Christian Post reported, “House churches across China have experienced intensified persecution in recent months, with Communist officials telling Christians they are not permitted to believe in God in the atheist country.” Please continue to pray for China!

Dr. Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions
Monroe, Virginia