In Malawi, East Africa, the Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association is translating Regular Baptist Press Sunday School curriculum into the local language and is using the materials to train Sunday School teachers. Regular Baptist Press International had sent these materials free of charge for the association’s use.

Along with the Sunday School curriculum, Regular Baptist International also sent books on ministry leadership. The Ntchisi association used those books to conduct a workshop that trained church leaders in leadership skills. The workshop took placed over three days at Ntchisi Community Hall.

Macdonily Kafer of the Ntchisi association thanks Regular Baptist Press International and donors who make shipping the resources possible. Macdonily is the widow of Laban Limbanga, who was president of the association before he died in 2018.

The Ntchisi association has also purchased land for two churches. “The Lord has provided two plots for churches,” Macdonily reports: Bread of Life Church and Nthondo. “Though at Bread of Life we haven’t finished the payments, but we believe the Lord will finalize it,” she says. The association is also planting churches. “We have managed to plant two more churches in four months by God’s grace,” Macdonily says.