Kenya_inlineCyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea is director of Good Soil Baptist Churches in Bungoma, Kenya, which joined the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries in 2007. He sends the following letter regarding a school that the ministry operates.

By God’s grace, our school has grown in number of students and some classroom buildings. Sang’alo Junior Academy was started in 2012 by Good Soil Baptist Churches, having only 25 pupils who were orphans. But at the moment, through the grace of God, the school has grown to 450 pupils, including students with parents.

The school has two sections: early childhood development education, and eight years of primary school.

The school was mainly started on the basis of teaching orphans and less fortunate children the Word of God and giving them a formal education for future life. The school operates under the assistance of local churches in terms of course books and pupils’ welfare. Teachers are volunteers from churches.

The most challenging aspect is the operation of one course book in each class by each subject’s teacher. We struggle in improving the school’s programs. Pupils are capable of doing well, but we need textbooks for the library.

We appeal to our fellow churches in the partnership of IPFBM to join us in prayer towards the library’s needs. We shall appreciate any support for the library to improve the life of our children.

We love you all and pray for you. We read in the Baptist Bulletin about the International Ministries mission to India; it was real encouraging.

Rev Cyrus Wanyonyi Chefunea, director
Good Soil Baptist Churches
Bungoma, Kenya, East Africa