The Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches sends the following ministry update regarding its schools. Its schools thank Regular Baptist Press Vacation Bible School programs for donating funds to provide beds, latrines, and solar power. 

We now have 428 students in our hostels, which is 25% lower than last year because more parents can’t afford the $120–140 per year hostel fee. Sadly, inflation is impacting the poorest in Bangladesh, including our tribal families, and even $10 a month is too much to pay for a child to live in a hostel and attend a local school. This financial shortfall particularly impacts pastors and evangelists because their salaries are always at the bottom end. My hope is that God will enable us to soon start a child sponsorship program to help some of these children who are dropping out of school.

All the Village School teachers gathered for a period of training and fellowship in January. This training provides Bible studies, new teaching ideas, medic information, school organization, and spiritual discipleship so the teachers are better equipped to teach, guide, and share the gospel with their children. This year it looked like we would have to cancel the training, for we lacked the funds to cover the cost, but God had a plan. A gentleman asked if there was any way that he could help. We said, “Yes, he could help with the tribal teacher training costs,” and a check was written for $1,500. God provides!

Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh