bikes-inlineTwo pastors in West Africa are in need of motorbikes for their ministries. G. Larque Vaye is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia, which has started several churches in the area. He needs a motorbike for his ministry in Todee.

Another pastor, Ooga Thomas of Independent Faith Baptist Churches of Kenya, also requests a motorbike as he ministers in the Nairobi area in church development and Christian schooling. Each motorbike costs $1,000 (U.S.).

Along with his request for the provision of a motorbike, Pastor Vaye also sent a report of recent ministry highlights. In the third quarter of the year, he says, 94 people accepted Christ as their Savior, and 28 were baptized. On Aug. 27, a workshop was held for church leaders. Topics included deacons and their responsibilities, the spiritual life of the Christian leader, and Christian leadership. A local orphanage still has five unsupported children. And the remodeling project of the mother church of this association is on hold until the end of November. After many years of planning and fund-raising, they hope to add seats for 1,000 people.


  • Donate online, by phone, or by mail to help these two pastors purchase motorbikes. This project is not listed in the drop-down menu online, so type into the online form or write on your check “African Projects Acct. #6070.”