Jermi Babu Gowdiperu is a pastor and the president of Hope Now Interior Ministries in India. He sends the following letter regarding a church planted by Immanuel Baptist Church, Kallur, India, which itself was founded by Jermi’s father, John.

Immanuel Baptist Church has founded a small church in a small village called Bhayannagudem among a Hindu people tribe called Vaddera. There was no gospel preached before us. We found two men who are interested in Christian religion, so they invited us to visit their families and pray for them. So we shared with them from Romans about the plan of salvation. They received Christ as their Savior, and we began to pray to start a worship service among these two families and to find a place to worship the Lord. One family came forward to offer their shed as a place for worship. We really praise God for His goodness. Recently we dedicated this shed with much prayer.

Jermi Babu Gowdiperu
Hope Now Interior Ministries
Kallur, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, India