Christian Wei is founder and president of Christian Way Missions, Inc., pastor of Christian Bible Church, and president of EUCON International School, all based in Saipan. He sends the following ministry update.

On October 3, regulations changed from tourists being able to stay in Saipan for 45 days to 14 days. This means that our Chinese 2T men and Christian Educators will not be able to have the training for 45 days anymore.

The Devil has done this before. We used to have the training for one full year for pastors and preachers. The Lord gave us great results; many pastors and preachers have been trained, house churches have been established, and training centers inside of China have been formed too. Pastors and preachers that we have trained are able to minister and reach 1.8 million Chinese Christians.

However, the government changed the immigration laws in 2009, allowing the Chinese people to come in to Saipan for only 45 days. So we created 45-day training. Pastors and preachers were able to come, since it was more possible for them to come for shorter training than one-year training. Meanwhile, in 2013 we started Christian Educators’ training to train coworkers of pastors and preachers. We had wonderful results, helping house churches start many church schools and homeschools.

Now we are facing another challenge: we don’t have 45 days any longer. We have only 14 days to get people ready for the service. This is a great challenge. However, we are changing all the training curriculum to make them intensive training, and we are going to divide the original training of 45 days for three groups and 14 days each. This way, we believe we can train more and send back more Christians to serve the Lord. Please continue praying for us.

Persecution in China is still getting worse and worse. The plan to create a social credit score system inside of China is coming. This system may be preparing the Antichrist to rule over all. The end is at the door. Let us be prepared to win more souls and be ready for the second coming of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Christian Wei
Christian Way Missions