Chatla Devasahayam is president of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in South India. He sends the following ministry update.

My wife, Suguna, and I have been in the ministry since June 23, 1973, and are looking forward to celebrating our 48th anniversary this coming June 23. Though we have had many setbacks in both of our lives, we are so thankful for all who lifted us in prayers, your faithful and sacrificial support, and your timely visitations to take part in our ministries in India.

Continue to pray for the ongoing ministries, as we are still in nationwide lockdown. Though some things are open, we haven’t received permission to open the churches. It has been two and half months since we got together in the church, and we are looking forward to meeting after the 14th of this month. I have been preaching and sharing the Word in Suvaartha (Gospel) TV on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Special Request: I never come to you with any personal needs but always about the ministry. It’s been many years that I have had a hearing problem in both of my ears. Many years ago I came to the States and shared about my problem with the church congregations. I am thankful for one family, who helped me to buy a pair of hearing aids that helped me to keep going until this time period. So right now I am in great need of hearing aids as they are completely gone and I am not able to hear anything. Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids M50 – Rechargeable – Bluetooth (Pair). Price: $1,259.

Dr. Chatla Devasahayam
Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
Nidumolu, Andhra Pradesh, South India