A storm in the village of Kati-Lomnava in Togo has damaged a church that the Association of Biblical Baptist Churches of Togo finished building in January.

The rain began on Sunday afternoon, and the next day, the storm’s wind blew off half of the roof, breaking it in the process, says Joseph Akakpo, who ministers with the Association of Biblical Baptist Churches of Togo.

Thankfully, the two Sunday School classrooms that the church had just finished building were not damaged. The church had wanted to finish building those two classrooms “before the rain starts,” Joseph said last week. And, indeed, construction finished just before the rain started.

While the damage to the roof is disappointing, the rain was a welcomed change in weather, as the church had been praying “fervently for rain for the farming season,” Joseph says.

“Glory be to the Lord for everything, according to Romans 8:28,” Joseph says.

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