Silvester Ferry Paoki is president of Antiokhia Mengabdi Indonesia. He sends the following ministry report.

In Bandung, west of Jawa, I have seen that God had worked among the people from Muslim background. There are 10 new believers who came to Jesus and be baptized. In Sumatera, next to Aceh, four Muslim people joined us and believed Jesus as Savior.

Also in Sumatera, next to Aceh, last week, I went there for doing the Bible translation. There are six groups, 42 translators, who joined me in this event. They came to one safe place (Berastagi) for doing Bible translation. For two weeks they stayed at the hotel and worked together for Bible translation. They finished some books of New Testament and they want to share it with other people around them. This event is so exciting because in the hotel that we have used, the owner allowed us to do Bible translation, to do worship service, and he protected us. Please pray for these six groups so they could bring the gospel to their own people.

I have also trained some leaders in Jakarta and I have preached at Kalvari Baptist Church in Jakarta last Sunday.

Rev. Silvester Ferry Paoki
Antiokhia Mengabdi Indonesia
Sulut, Indonesia