Last fall Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and his wife, Deb, traveled to East Africa, and the ministry continues to reap the harvest from that trip.

After vetting two Baptist church associations in Congo, the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries has accepted them into the partnership. Bibleway Baptist Churches of Congo and Evangelical Baptist Mission of Congo, though small associations, will benefit from the IPFBM’s focus on the Great Commission assignment.

Welcome to the IPFBM!

UPDATE – 4/2/19  I am here to thank you IPFBM for accepting partnership with the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Congo. We received with thanks the certificate of  membership in the fellowship  of the IPFBM and praise God for having you as partners. We have 4 churches operating on the North Kivu Province, East of DRC. These churches are in the after war region whereby since 1990, the area survived from ethnic conflicts wars of liberation and a lot of instability because of the rebels fighting against the government army.

Since 2015 our town of Goma has been relatively safe for a number of years. In general church members are poor, many without jobs, others living in town  for their security leaving  their farms.

We depend on the little contribution of churches to operate as a denomination office. We are working to build our leadership capacities, leadership development, doing  team work effort to do church planting and emphasizing discipleship for members growth, we work on finding materials and distribute BIBLES to those who cannot afford them by themselves.

We really need your prayers in the following areas (leadership development trainings, church planting, materials and bibles for discipleship). Whereas there are many needs, we also think, it will be a difficult to own lands and good facilities for churches without prayers and support from donors.

Our prayers request are:

  1. Pray for doors to be opened to get support for leadership development trainings, to get materials and bible for disciples
  2. Pray for support to church planting effort: we need funds to buy lands that we rent.

We continue trusting in the lord that with you and through you the work of the Lord here will prosper and expand for the glory of our king Jesus Christ.

Rev. Baluki THAWABO Napoleon

President Of Evangelical Baptist Mission of Congo