Pastor Prédestin Hérard is president of Association des Eglises Evangeliques Baptiste Fondamentale d’ Haiti, which operates My Father’s House orphanage in Port-au-Prince. He sends the following ministry update.

Haiti has been in a terrible situation for more than a week. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators occupy the streets of the capital with all kinds of guns and knives, gas, and rubber cans. The demonstrators break, loot, burn, and kill. Nothing is spared. The police lost control of the situation. Schools, banks, businesses, and even churches in some areas cannot open; all are completely paralyzed. The demonstrators want the president to quit.

This situation has affected all layers of society and causes a lot of damage too. People who stay at home are starving because they have nothing to eat.

In my situation, with many orphan children, the situation is really complicated: no gas to prepare food, no gas to feed the generator so that children can find water for other services. All we have is almost gone. Children cannot go to school. The situation is really difficult at the moment. While the protestors decide to continue with the situation, only the Lord can give an answer to this situation.

We ask for your prayers for a solution to this problem.

Prédestin Hérard
Association des Eglises Evangeliques Baptiste Fondamentale d’ Haiti
Petion Ville, Haiti