Residents from Pastor Ndiho Pascal’s village in Goma evacuate their area.

Earthquakes are still occurring after Mount Nyiragongo erupted in Goma, Congo, May 22.

The earthquakes “are very intensive and destroying houses. Houses are falling down and people killed,” says Pastor Ndiho Pascal, president of the Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa, located in Goma.

Scientists fear that the earthquakes could trigger another volcanic eruption. Not wanting to risk anyone’s safety, officials in Goma issued evacuation orders for 10 of the city’s 18 villages.

“As I write, people are moving, scared and without hope of how to live where they go. Really, pray for us. Your advocacy is cherished,” Pascal says.

The Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa is the fourth partner of Regular Baptist International to be affected by the volcano in Goma. Pastor Safari Munyakazi, president of the Community of Free Baptist Churches in Congo, reports that 122 families from his churches lost their homes and belongings.

Families from Pastor Ndiho Pascal’s village in Goma briefly return home after Mount Nyiragongo erupted.

At Lisa Center Orphanage, operated by Bibleway Baptist Churches of Congo, eight children ran away in fear when the volcano erupted. Two of those children are still missing.

Pastor Bertin Mwema, president of the Community of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Congo, reports that members of his church have no food. “Starvation is now a big problem,” he says.

“Pastors here and flocks under our care are in serious challenges,” Pascal says. Many of his church members are hosting displaced families but have no food to feed them. Neither the families with homes nor the families who lost their homes have any money to buy food.

“We cry for help,” Pascal says. “Your advocacy for help with food and medical care for survival is much welcome.”

Donate online, by phone, or by check to help Regular Baptist International partners in Congo purchase food and necessities for their church members. Mark your gift “compassion fund.”