Joseph Akakpo ministers with the Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo. He sends the following ministry report.

Teaching on “The Influence of Friends” came at the right time among our youths. We will be teaching this lesson all year in our multiple zones in Togo. Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit using this topic through the Scriptures, transforming hearts to Himself for His glory.

My team and my wife, Francisca, traveled to the North of Togo for the youth seminars. We did two seminars in localities. We registered 40 participants in both, with 50 professing faith in Christ or making spiritual decisions.

During the first one, at the Tomde church, all the boys and the girls except just a few knelt in front of the podium. In the second church, at Dongoyo, the building was so full that the latecomers stayed outside with big numbers.

In the Agbelouve seminar, there were 300 youths and pastors/leaders who came for the seminar again on “The Influence of Friends.” The auditorium was full to its capacity, with 10 churches from Tsevie, Agbelouve, and Notse. The ambiance was like they are just thirsty and hungry for this wonderful teaching from the Word of God. The Holy Spirit moved us, the teachers and hearts, to be receptive. At the end, 35 boys and girls declared in public of repentance and different engagements or resolutions.

Please continue to pray for my team and me as we take multiple trips for seminars, not only for the youths, but for parents too. Due to the restrictions of gatherings these days for COVID-19, we have created new zones and new places we have not reached yet.

In Lomé, the capital city, for example, instead of one zone, there are four now. Agbelouve and Tsevie cities are among the many new zones where over 20 churches are waiting for us impatiently. Multiple zones for seminars mean more meals to feed the participants, except those in Lomé.

I am praying for someone to give $1,500 as a onetime gift or donation to help feed our participants in the inner cities for the rest of the year. Feeding our participants is part of the ministry the Lord puts in my heart. Someone has said, “A hungry man has dead ears.”

Due to the present economic situation in our country, most parents cannot afford their children’s lunches. I tried to ask the youths to bring their lunches during our first seminar at Amou-Oblo; unfortunately, that failed. We were obliged to share the little we had for pastors with the participants instead of letting them listen to the lessons with empty stomachs.

The Lord is doing great things and will continue to do mighty works through our mouths as we speak from His Word to reap the harvest.

Joseph Akakpo
Association des Eglises Baptistes Bibliques du Togo
Lomé, Togo, West Africa