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The Problem
Camp is an experience kids don’t get every day. At camp they get to do awesome activities they can’t do anywhere else. But most importantly, God can use camp to bring kids to saving faith and to help them grow in Jesus Christ! God works in lives at camp, in ways that often last a lifetime.

Kids outside the United States dream of going to summer camp too, but many have never had a way to experience the eternal impact of a Christian camp—until recently. At camp, young people can get away for a while from bad influences and hopeless situations to find true hope in Jesus Christ.

Some camps outside the United States lack vital equipment and buildings. In addition, many kids who attend are from impoverished neighborhoods and can’t pay camp fees. The camps have very little money.

The Solution
Your church can help! The more you raise, the better equipped camps will be to become safe, fun places for kids! For example:

  • An offering of $60 could provide a bunk bed so two campers can have places to sleep.
  • An offering of $100 might provide a ceiling fan to keep kids cool.
  • An offering of $400 could furnish an entire cabin!
  • An offering of $250 could provide sports equipment.
  • With your help, a camp might even build a chapel!

Help kids around the world have camps that are safe and fun, but most importantly, where lives can be changed for eternity!

Please consider adopting Operation Camp International as your VBS missions offering project.

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