Calvary Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia, has started several churches in addition to its regular ministries. Pastor G. Larque Vaye says, “We are thankful to the Lord for your prayers and support.” He sends the following ministry highlights that have occurred from April to June.

Calvary Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia

Picture 077Attendance is encouraging, especially with April being the beginning of the rainy season. Usually during this time of the year people find it hard to move around due to the rain. Average attendance for Sunday worship service is 367, and more than 15 people attended a baptism class.

New Life Baptist Fellowship, Duport Road

The church lost one of its members, Mrs. Hawa Yekeh. Ma Hawa died at J. F. Kennedy hospital following months of illness. She was the owner of the land on which New Life Baptist Fellowship is situated. Just prior to her death, the fellowship, with the help of Calvary, bought one acre of land in the area for its relocation. Initial work will begin after the rainy season. Average attendance is 35. One new member was added to the church and two persons rededicated their lives to Christ.

Kadumah Baptist Fellowship, Barnesville

Despite the rain and low attendance, the fellowship successfully held weekly outreach, Wednesday prayer meeting, Sunday School, and Sunday morning service. Average attendance is 40 persons, and 50 persons made professions of faith in Christ as the result of local outreach.

Central Baptist Fellowship, Pipeline, Paynesville

Except for the children’s ministry, regular attendance has decreased due to the rain. Wednesday Bible studies and prayer meeting were conducted with an average attendance of 20. The new fellowship that is being established in the Mount Barclay area is encouraging. The fellowship formally opened with seven persons committing themselves to baptism.

Repentance Baptist Church, Dwork Farm, Todee

Considerable progress has been made at Repentance Baptist Church. The church is engaged in various evangelism activities in nearby villages. As the result, more than 20 persons attended a baptism class. With the help of Pastor Less Zerbe from Alaska, the church gained 50 acres of land for the purpose of agriculture. The establishment of an elementary school remains a major challenge for the church.

Zwedru Baptist Fellowship, Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County

The Lord  is blessing Zwedru Baptist Fellowship, established three years ago. One person has been baptized and added to the church, bringing the average attendance to 22. A four-day revival was held, as well as a fund-raising program for the purchase of land. USD $135,00 was raised.

Evangelist Garmonyou Yeargar

Calvary Baptist supports evangelist Garmonyou Yeargar. He is assigned to John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where he conducts daily devotions for patients. One morning while he was praying with patients, an elderly man said he wanted to give his heart to Christ. Brother Yeargar led him to the Lord. Hours later, the man died. Garmonyou Yeargar also ministered at New Hope Clinic, Old Road; Palm Tree Baptist Church, Tappita, Nimba County; and a Soul Winning Conference, Cotton Tree, Margibi County. Many trusted Christ at these services.

Foster Care and Orphan Ministry

We have eight children in our care, including our two boys. All of the children attend Calvary Baptist Church. The older ones will soon join the baptismal class. Two will attend Awana this school year.

Bible School Ministry

Our services with Jake Memorial Baptist College continue. My wife, Roseline, attends. She is studying Christian education to better prepare herself as a pastor’s wife and women’s leader. Presently she serves as leader of the Fundamental Baptist Women Association, Monrovia chapter. Her major challenge has been the back pain she sustained two years ago from a car accident.

Constraints and Challenges

Personally, the first half of the year posed health challenges for me and Roseline. Rose was advised by a doctor to go to Ghana for back treatment. For me, it has been persistent typhoid. Almost every month I have to go to the hospital. For two weeks, I was down with typhoid and malaria.

Pray for Rose’s health. Pray for the church and school construction projects. And pray for our house building project. We are praying and trusting the Lord for funds for roofing.

Pastor G. Larque and Roseline Vaye
Calvary Baptist Church
Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa