I do appreciate your support. Because of your support, we could have a good ministry.

1. Missionary Retreat:
My wife and I invited some of our missionaries who are working in the very central part of Myanmar to come to Bagan town for a two full days retreat. 8 missionaries came. We stayed together, pray together, and eat together, set goal together on February 3 & 4. It was a real refreshing retreat for our Frontline missionaries and for me for my wife too. Missionaries with Timothy & Lily worshiping at evening Those missionaries left their relatives in Chin States and reached the unreached people groups in the middle part of Myanmar. Those missionaries always face different kind of persecutions. Missionary Titus Tial Tu needs Water Pipes which will cost $ 950.00. Missionary Samuel’s house roof (House Church Building) has been worn out and needs Iron sheets which will cost $ 1100.00. Missionary Paul Ceu needs a bicycle which costs $ 200.00. When we met with them and heard their testimonies, we were really humiliated and we salute them.

2. Missionary Winbu’s Church, facing persecution:
In the third week of January, our Grace Medical went to Danuh Phwe Town where Mr. Winbu and Family started a church. Many sick people came and all were given treatment and some got saved. A Lady was beat by her brothers and her husband very badly for the sake of Christ. She accepted Jesus as her personal
Savior and Lord. Now this church is growing. Grace Medical Team with Believers Some Children are given Treatment

3. Discipleship Conference in Mission Field: (February 17-19, 2010)
My wife and I conducted a three day Discipleship Conference in Chaungtha Beach which is one of our Frontline mission fields. Our 11 frontline missionaries and their new convert believers came from 16 villages and altogether they were 53 persons. We prayed together, eat together and we learnt the Word of God together. A secret police came to us while we were praying together in the first day, and Mr. Aungwin, who is the host missionary, was invited by them to their office. They asked him a lot Questions and he was released after some time later. We could finish a three day Discipleship Conference successfully. We praise God for that. Poor but rich in faith

We held our 12th Graduation exercise on February 27, 2010 and it was a wonderful day. There were 13 Diploma in theology graduates, two Certificate in Theology, 33 Bachelor degree, 3 Master degree , in total there were 49 graduate students. And on Feb. 28, we had a thanks giving service; we looked back the past
years and we gave thanks for His manifold blessings and for His protection. Out of 49 graduate students, most of them will be in the ministry, few will pursue their further theological studies. Out of 49 graduate students 12 of them are committed to be our frontline missionaries. We are having right now missionary candidate training. There are 41 Christ’s Soldier Team members who are being trained and in the third week of march, all of them will reach the unreached people groups team by team.

For us this our new ministry and unexpected ministry. One of our missionaries who works in Mandalay City is allowed to enter into a big prison in Mandalay by the Head officer and preach the gospel to prisoners on Sunday. There are more than 15000 prisoners who are not Christian at all. They need Bibles, Gospel tracts, and not only that, they need badly sandals, slippers, and caps as they work hard under the sun heat. $ 3.00 can buy a cap, a sandal, a slipper. $ 5.00 can buy a Bible. If we can provide each item to each one, that is our desire and prayer. We pray and hope that many prisoners will accept Jesus as their personal savior and Lord. We do not know how long we will have this precious opportunity.

The Falam Chin NT has been printed and it has been distributed. The Falam Chin people appreciate it very much. I am working on the OT and we are right checking on Genesis with Bibles International consultants.

Yours for His vineyard,
Timothy Sui Lian Mang
Servant of the Lord