A letter from Timothy Sui Lian Mang, president of Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship, Yangon, Myanmar, and founder Biblical School of Theology in Myanmar. Here he reports on ministries carried out from July to August.

I. Mission Field Outreach Movement

1. Ungtapin Village Crusade (Aug. 10–13)

Evangelist Khin Maung Thwe and evangelist Paul Hre went to Ungtapin Village to help missionary Saw Takhu. They conducted an evangelistic crusade for three days. Since there was a lot of floodwater in the area, people could not go out for work, but people are not interested in spiritual things. Only 18 people attended a three-day crusade, and all of them got saved. We praise the Lord for that. This year in Myanmar, especially in the Delta Region, there has been flooding because of rain; many people lost houses and paddy fields. New believers in our mission fields also suffer very badly.

2. Chauk City Home Crusade (Aug. 2–5)

Missionary Titus Tial Tu went Chauk with the gospel in 1999. That city is one of the strongest Buddhist cities. Titus is a very brave missionary. The church has existed there through his ministry. Missionary Haggai from Taungkyi went to help Titus, and both of them conducted a three-day home crusade. Only eight people attended the meetings, and all of them got saved. Haleluiah.

3. Eastern Shan State Missions Trip (Aug. 10–16)

Eight young people graduated from our Bible college and are now working in Eastern Shan State as pioneer missionarys. I went to Tachilik, which is a Thailand border town, to meet with them. Only four missionaries could come down to meet with me; the other four missionaries could not come down due to transport problems. The Akha people who live in the Loas border and China border are animists. Each of the eight pioneer missionaries are placed at different villages, and wherever they live, they could convert some people to Christianity by the power of God. The people are very backward; they have no schooling and are illiterate.

Among the eight missionaries, Moses is the leader. He told me that a learning center is badly in need. Moses lives at Natpan, which is the biggest town. If they have a training center, they can take children and young people and teach them Akha literacy and the Bible so they can learn to read and write. To start a training center, money is needed—$2,000 will build a training center, and another $1,800 will supply furniture like tables, benches, and desks. Our young missionaries’ burden is to be able to start training in February 2013.

When I met with the pioneer missionaries, my heart was broken. The challenge is great. If we send missionaries to every village, there will be believers. Akha Mission is a very needy and challenging mission. It needs more money to reach the Akha tribe. One of the missionaries, David Win Naing, needs a motorbike for his outreach ministry—$1,300 can buy a good one.

Missionary Tai Hlir and his wife, Cu Cu Nu, have been working in Tachilik. The Lord enabled them to start a small church, Tachilik Bible Church. He requested that I lay hands on him and pray for him and his ministry, and I did on Sunday morning. This is a village church where 20–26 people gather for Sunday morning worship services. We plan to have a Bible conference at that church during the third week of February 2013. I also visited James Hrin Thawng and his wife on Sunday afternoon. Both James and his wife were my students for five years and became very faithful missionaries. He pastors Tachilik Bible Church, which has 86 members. What a blessing to see with my own eyes the fruits of our missionaries’ labor.

II. Bible College Ministry

1. Biblical School of Theology

Biblical School of Theology has 156 students. They are doing well and concentrating on their courses. Every Saturday and Sunday morning they do their wonderful outreach. We have Sunday School at 35 places with a total of 423 children. For the Bible College chapel, we do need funds. We still need $1,100; we have already had $300. Please do pray with us for that project.

2. Faith Missionary Training Institute

There are 19 students at the Faith Missionary Training Institute. These students also do outreach every Saturday. This institute is vernacular; students have a heart for missions.

2. Discipleship Training

The Discipleship Training Center is in Chaungtha Beach. When our missionaries have new converts, we train them at that training center for two weeks. This is one of our effective ministries. For that training, we use Rogma Correspondence lessons, which are useful.

All these ministries are done because of God’ s grace—and because of your prayer and financial support.

Your in His vineyard,

Timothy Sui Lian Mang
Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship

Myanmar Biblical Baptist Fellowship is a partnering ministry with the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries.