From June 27 to July 2, 2007 a lot of leader young people gather together for leadership training. There are about 385 people. The seminar and training is going well. I have divided them into some small groups for, “Socratic Discussion”. I saw them were interested in training. Every group has a leader to guide them more understanding the material how to become a disciple of Jesus. It made them take a different decission. Some of them believed Jesus as Savior, others made better understanding about Jesus, and the rest took a decision to become a follower of Christ.


These pictures showing us the situation of seminar and training. Some of them asked me some questions to answer.
There are more than 20 small groups in socratic discussion and after that they gather together for hearing every group in sharing and give some reports the result of the group socratic discussion. There are very intresting for me. Praise the Lord Jesus.



I have renewed my schedule of seminar and training. I have postponed some requests of training with some considerations so that I have three seminars for praying:
1. July 12-15, 2007 in Shalom Baptist Church (Celebes Island).
2. July 27-30, 2007 in Malat Baptist Church (Talaud Island).
3. September, 10-16 in Nabire city(in Papua Island).
In Shalom BC and Malat BC are small groups but in Nabire is bigger group. I have posponed the seminar and training in Nabire because my situation of fund but more than 30 time they called me by phone and said that “You must come and train us. You are a key speaker in this seminar. We need you to train our leaders in the churches”. There are about 250-300 leaders. That is so interesting but so far from my city and I need some extra fund for flight, food, hotel, etc. Please remember me in your prayer.
Again, please pray for my next planning of ministries. Today, I have sick for two weeks until now but some time I try to wake up from the bedroom. I asked our Lord Jesus in my prayer: O, my Lord Jesus. I need you recover me as soon as possible. There are many kind of ministries are waiting me. I woke up on Saturday morning (June 30, 2007) and called my deacon to pick me up by the car and gave a seminar again. But Sunday morning (July 1, 2007) I have problem again with my health but I tried to finish my ministry. Tuesday night, I went to doctor, and while I was writing this letter, my condition is going well.
My prayer requests:
1. My problem of health.
2. My next three ministries.
3. My benefactors for funding the ministries.
4. LCD projector.
I believed that together we can accomplish more so that your prayer is sovery important for my ministry.
Yours in Christ,
Ferry S. Paoki. Thursday, July 05, 2007