I want to share with you a bit of news for your prayers and encouragement. A couple of months ago Chris Brown shared with me a desire to broaden his ministry beyond Gospel Literature Services and the International Partnership. I began to pray with him about his vision and dreams. From the beginning of this communication he assured me that his commitment to helping GLS and the IPFBM remained a high priority, but there were other areas that he wanted to explore. He and his good friend Dave Anthony, of Cleveland, Ohio, feel like God is leading them to do something together.

After numerous conversations with Pastor Finch of Chris’s home church, First Baptist Church, Horseheads, N.Y., and other counselors, Chris has decided to launch a new digital/media organization as a service to missionaries and churches. Since he is still functioning as a media missionary supported by churches and individuals, this new ministry, TechPartner, will function as a subsidiary ministry of Baptist Church Planters.

While I will miss Chris as an official part of the team, we will still be working together closely as Chris and Dave serve as our partners in helping us with the digital aspects of this ministry. I sincerely request that you pray for Chris and Dave and their families. I am excited about the potential of this new vision. You will continue to see their fingerprints on the work of GLS and the IPFBM.